Time is precious – especially for business owners and coaches. Our goal is simple: get coaches back into the communities they helped create and out of the day-to-day grind. We promise to provide you with quality programming to give your more time for what matters.


10 hrs/week






36 years


Spend TIME on what matters.

To put it simply, we have all owned affiliates. We know how much time and energy it takes to run an affiliate. From the outside, many think it’s just showing up and coaching classes. However, we as affiliate owners know how much time is “lost” doing the little things: mopping the floors, cleaning bathrooms, taking out the trash, paying the bills, and more. As owners, we understand what it’s like to be strapped for time, and frankly, feel a bit overwhelmed.

Our goal at HAM Plan is to provide you with a way to spend time with what matters most: coaching your members and forming a community. Our programming includes everything from a comprehensive lesson plan filled with scaling options to auxiliary workouts for members who want a little extra.

Ultimately, we want to get you back to your original dream: creating a space where people can have fun and get fit and healthy at the same time.

What’s Included

Initial Consultation

We have seen affiliates of all different shapes and sizes. When you sign up, we’ll hop on a call with you to give you the best experience possible.

Daily Workouts

Affiliate-wide programming for 7 days a week. Workouts also come with a suggested warm-up, daily “after bash”, and weekly auxiliary work.

Lesson Plans

Each day comes with a detailed lesson plan that includes a general and specific warm-up, timeline, room layout, and coaching focuses.

Coaching Progressions

Getting complex movement like the muscle-up is not an overnight process. We will provide you with progressions to help athletes gain those skills.

Scaling Options

Most athletes in our affiliates don’t RX workouts, but still need to be challenged. We provide daily scaling options to fit the intended stimulus of the workout.

Focus & Intended Stimulus

We abide by the “Mechanics, Consistency, and Intensity” approach. In a workout with a lot of moving parts, we’ll tell you where to push the pace and where we can focus on the movement.

Level-Based Tracking System

In addition to providing scaling options, we it down into “levels”. The goal is to save a little time at the whiteboard and give your athletes an idea of what scale is best for them.

Focus & Intended Stimulus

Affiliate-wide programming for 7 days a week. Workouts also come with a suggested warm-up, daily “after bash,” and weekly auxiliary work.

Equipment & Large Class Modification

Have a 30-person class, but only 12 rowers? Feel nervous about days with lots of barbells and burpee over bar? We’ll help you figure out those tricky equipment and large-class situations. 




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What is the HAM Plan?

The HAM Plan is an online programming tool that offers dialy workout guidance, support, and growth templates for athletes and coaches of all levels. We developed the HAM Plan to share our love and passion for working out, competing, and coaching. Our goal was to bring to life a holistic solution that is convenient, diverse, and effective:

Convenience: We deliver daily programming through online or mobile app interfaces to our athletes and affiliate clients.

Diverse: We offer tracks for competitive athletes, time-crunched athletes, masters, affiliate owners, and personal training clients.

Effective: We test all of our programming ourselves to ensure consistent growth. 

What makes the HAM Plan unique?

There’s a lot that makes HAM different from some of the other online programming out there. Perhaps most importantly is our culture and vibe. First and foremost, the fellas are best friends. Working out never gets in the way of that. Of course we take fitness seriously but at the same time – this can and should be fun. You should be enjoying this and sharing your experiences with others. If you’re looking for no fun, no wiggle room, no ‘community’ feels…we might not be for you. Aside from our vibe, four factors really make the HAM unique: 

1) Specific tracks for competitors, time-crunched athletes, masters, affiliate owners, and personal training clients.

2) Workouts delivered to you daily that offer multiple levels for easy scaling and specific targets for individual weakness work.

3) Our special HAM finishers & Auxiliary work. The real fun stuff! Here you will grab friends, workout partners, and on-lookers to join the fun and get a great workout and a great pump on!

4) Our HAM level tracking system helps ensure continuous progress. This system guides what level you’re on and where you need to focus your efforts. This is completely unique to HAM.

What is the level system? How does it work?

The level system was designed to help athletes meet the workout stimulus, regardless of their current fitness level. Remember that the “stimulus” is the intention of the workout: how long should it take, what should the loading feel like, what is the skill level of the workout, and what is the total volume (reps, rounds, or distance).

Level one being a beginner athlete, level two being an intermediate athlete, and level three or Rx’d is for athletes who can consistently meet the stimulus intentions of the Rx’d level.

It’s important to understand that not everyone will perform the workout as prescribed.

This is where scaling becomes a big part of your overall journey to becoming the best version of yourself. No matter where you start, the goal is to alway improve and advance. The level system is simply a guide towards improving your overall fitness. One day you may be able to perform the workout as prescribed while another day you might be a level one.

In some cases you might even mix pieces from each level to create a workout that allows you to best meet the stimulus demands.

Choose scaling options that challenge you, but allow you to move well. Understanding that you want a good workout, but you don’t want to sideline yourself. You will reach your goals, just be patient.

What are the weekly auxiliaries?

The weekly auxiliaries are three extra sessions programmed to target the most common deficits in our fitness. They will target midline work, skill work, engine (conditioning) work, or strength work.

They are meant for anyone looking for a little extra work outside of regular class time. Add one on per day up to three times a week.

They are an optional part of the program and they are not necessary for you to see in improvement in your overall fitness. Make sure the Daily Workout and the Daily Workout Accessory are your priorities before adding in the Weekly Auxiliaries.

What Is the Monthly Focus?
Our programming is geared toward improving your overall fitness levels. However, we found that providing a little focus month to month helps our athletes experience more results and makes it easier for our affiliate gyms to track those results. 

The monthly focus follows a yearly calendar that rotates through the following focuses: gymnastics, barbell lifts, conditioning, benchmark workouts, and a balanced training focus. 

For example, if the monthly focus is gymnastics, then you will notice gymnastic skills showing up more in the workout of the day as well as in the weekly auxiliary work. Throughout the month you will also have plenty of opportunity to retest and see the growth of the focus. 


What if it’s not for me?

Simply send us an email at and we can cancel your membership anytime.

What does the weekly training schedule look like?

All of our ‘individual’ tracks follow a "3 on - 1 off, 2 on - 1 off" weekly schedule. For our Affiliate track, we program 7 days a week to allow for continuous business operations.

How do I check the workouts each day?
The workouts for the coming day are posted at 8:00p (20:00) EST the day prior. The workouts are posted both on the web as well as the mobile app.
Who designs the programming for the various tracks?
Austin Malleolo, Spencer Hendel, and James Hobart work together to program all individual, team, and affiliate programs. As a trio, we have competed at the Reebok CrossFit Games a total of 24 times, coach on CrossFit Seminar Staff, and own successful affiliates.
Why don't we do a strength workout and a met-con workout everyday?
The HAM Plan is a classic CrossFit style program. We program one workout a day. However, whatever that one workout is, we attack it with enthusiasm unknown to mankind. We believe that if an individual truly puts forth their best effort for one workout a day, they will see the results they desire. More is not better, better is better. Every day strive to move more efficiently and effectively. Learn and master new techniques. And most of all, give every day a 100% effort. For a vast majority of people that are coming in to your gym, this is all they need.
When am I billed?

We bill on monthly schedule. The day you signup is the day you will be billed each month.