We have seen our fair share of CrossFit competitions. There is no need to go it alone. Learn from our mistakes and successes to realize your full potential.



Prepare to you crush your weaknesses.



Advice from those who have “been there, done that (and won)”.



For the competitor and hardcore athlete, alike.

Train like the best.

Rise above the rest.

For the good part of the last decade, we have each walked the path of a competitive CrossFit athlete. We have tried things that didn’t work, experience failure, and been humbled by weaknesses, yet, for reach of those, we also set PRs, competed at the Games for several consecutive years, and won at the highest level.

Our competitor programming is centered around finding weaknesses and destroying them.

As a competitor or serious athlete, we understand the urge to want to do more, push harder, and train longer. Whether it is a way of life or a passion, we’ll help fulfill that desire.


Extra Sessions

In addition to the main workout, you’ll get extra sessions per day to give you some additional volume and practice.

Lifting Program

Want to get stronger but not de-rail your training program? Our HAM Lifting program is build to compliment our daily training sessions.

Targeted Weakness Work

We aren’t all studs in every area of training. We will help you find your weaknesses, attack them, and turn them into your strengths.

Weekly Accessory Work

To help strengthen smaller muscles and correct imbalances, we’ll give you some much needed accessory work to help balance everything out.

Scaling Options

Concerned it’ll be too hard? We have you covered. We’ll provide you with scaling options that leave you feeling challenged, but not destroyed.

Volume Guidelines

Not sure what session to do on a busy day? Torn between accessory work or another session? We prioritize and breakdown the session based upon your goals.

HAM Plan Weakness Targeting

Hate running? Rather lift heavy than do gymnastics?

Search and destory those weaknesses.


Choose your platform


What is the HAM Plan?

The HAM Plan is an online programming tool that offers dialy workout guidance, support, and growth templates for athletes and coaches of all levels. We developed the HAM Plan to share our love and passion for working out, competing, and coaching. Our goal was to bring to life a holistic solution that is convenient, diverse, and effective:

Convenience: We deliver daily programming through online or mobile app interfaces to our athletes and affiliate clients.

Diverse: We offer tracks for competitive athletes, time-crunched athletes, masters, affiliate owners, and personal training clients.

Effective: We test all of our programming ourselves to ensure consistent growth. 

Who designs the programming for the various tracks?
Austin Malleolo, Spencer Hendel, and James Hobart work together to program all individual, team, master, and affiliate programs. As a trio, we have competed at the Reebok CrossFit Games a total of 24 times, coach on CrossFit Seminar Staff, and own successful affiliates.
What are the priorities?
Every HAM Plan session has a priority. This designates which session we believe you should do first, second, and third in order to maximize your results. It also helps if you a pressed for time during your day. Some sessions are more important than others so by having the priorities in place, its easier to understand which sessions you should do first and which sessions you can save for later or another day. When it comes to training, its more important that you get in one quality session versus two or three poor executed ones. Quality is always above quantity.
Should I be doing more/extra lifting, running, gymnastics, etc. along with the HAM plan?<br />
Not necessarily. The more you focus on any one area, you end up stealing capacity from another area. Consider the question… What are your goals? If the answer is to get stronger, become a faster runner, do more strict pull-ups, etc. Then you need to understand that you are going to sacrifice capacity from other areas of your overall fitness. And for the time being, that may be necessary. Build capacity where you want to build it and then come back to a more balance program. However, if your goal is overall fitness and to increase capacity everywhere, then we would not recommend a specialized program that focuses on a specific area.
How do I check the workouts each day?

The workouts for the coming day are posted at 8:00p (20:00) EST the day prior. The workouts are posted both on the web as well as the mobile app.

What if it’s not for me?

Simply send us an email at and we can cancel your membership anytime.

What makes the HAM Plan unique?

There’s a lot that makes HAM different from some of the other online programming out there. Perhaps most importantly is our culture and vibe. First and foremost, the fellas are best friends. Working out never gets in the way of that. Of course we take fitness seriously but at the same time – this can and should be fun. You should be enjoying this and sharing your experiences with others. If you’re looking for no fun, no wiggle room, no ‘community’ feels…we might not be for you. Aside from our vibe, four factors really make the HAM unique: 

1) Specific tracks for competitors, time-crunched athletes, masters, affiliate owners, and personal training clients.

2) Workouts delivered to you daily that offer multiple levels for easy scaling and specific targets for individual weakness work.

3) Our special HAM finishers & Auxiliary work. The real fun stuff! Here you will grab friends, workout partners, and on-lookers to join the fun and get a great workout and a great pump on!

4) Our HAM level tracking system helps ensure continuous progress. This system guides what level you’re on and where you need to focus your efforts. This is completely unique to HAM.

What does the weekly training schedule look like?

All of our ‘individual’ tracks follow a "3 on - 1 off, 2 on - 1 off" weekly schedule. For our Affiliate track, we program 7 days a week to allow for continuous business operations.

Do I complete everything in one session?
We don’t recommend performing all three of the HAM Plan sections (WOD, AUX, and HAM) in one session. However, if you are unable to manage two session during your day, one session can be acceptable. We recommend two session because it allows the athlete to give each section of the program 100% of their focus and intensity. The more you try to do in a single session can decrease the amount of effort you are able to put forth. This can also lead to burn out or over training. By breaking the sections in to two sessions, you give your body much needed recovery time which results in more productive sessions.
What are the targets?
The workout of the day is a very effective way to increase your capacity and overall fitness. Work as hard as you can to complete the workout and you will see results. However, all of us have weaknesses. Every day you will see one or two targets for the workout of the day. These targets aim to attack an individuals weaknesses. Over time and consistent practice working on these weaknesses, the individual should see an improvement in these areas. It’s important to understand that you don’t have to target your workouts every day to see results or progress towards your goals. Too much of any one thing is biasing and ultimately negatively affects an individuals progress towards being a well rounded athlete. If you truly have a weakness that you want to improve, target that area 2-3 times per week. On the other days, follow the regularly programmed workout and watch your results skyrocket.
When am I billed?

We bill on monthly schedule. The day you signup is the day you will be billed each month.